VAT Health Check

What is a VAT health check?

A lot of businesses get to the point where the VAT side of things ticks away in the background and things are done in a certain way “because that is how we’ve always done it”. We can come in (virtually or physically) to review your records, carry out some checks, ask some questions and then provide you with a report on areas that need addressing or which can be improved. It’s almost like an HMRC VAT inspection but without the fear factor!

Depending on budget, the review can focus on one area, such as overseas sales, or posting of expenses, or can look at the business as a whole.

VAT Healthcheck

How can a VAT health check help you?

A health check can give you peace of mind that you are dealing with transactions correctly and/or provide specific guidance on areas which you have been unsure about. Where errors are discovered, we can provide advice about how best to notify those to HMRC and to put things right going forward.

How we can help you with your VAT?

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