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Bevan VAT Consultancy Limited was formed in 2018 to provide specialist VAT advice to businesses and their advisers who are wrestling with the complexities of VAT.

Advice for professional firms

We appreciate that VAT is an ever-growing minefield and it is not always possible for every firm to have an in-house specialist.

We will work with you to give you the advice that your clients need so that you can provide them with the service they expect.

This can be structured however you want it to be.  We are happy to meet with your clients and deal with them directly or we can provide you with draft emails which you can then send them under your own banner.



Land and property transactions are always complex due to the fact that, depending on the circumstances, the supply can be exempt from VAT, Zero Rated, Reduced Rated, or Standard Rated (not to mention Outside The Scope!). 
We can provide advice to landlords, property developers, businesses in the construction sector, people carrying out self builds, and anyone else, on what the VAT treatment of a proposed transaction will be.
Due to the large figures usually involved in property transactions, specialist advice is always a good idea.


As technology improves, more and more businesses are trading with overseas companies.  The VAT rules are different depending whether you are buying or selling goods or services, whether your customer is a business or a consumer, and whether you are selling inside or outside the EU.  Let us take some of that complexity away and help you establish the correct VAT treatment.


VAT for Charities is always a complex area with the VAT treatment of a piece of income varying depending on how a contract is worded or how a benefit is provided. 
We can help by carrying out an annual desktop review of income on a specific charity to ensure they are registered for VAT if they are required to be, or if it is beneficial to be.
We can also help with partial exemption calculations and with agreeing special methods with HMRC.


The farming industry is always evolving as farmers find ever more innovative ways to earn income. 
Some farms rent out land or buildings and there are often VAT issues where land is sold to a developer but the farmer wants to recover VAT on the associated costs. 
We can help to get the structure of these transactions right to make sure that the farmer can recover all of the VAT they are entitled to.


Partial exemption can often cause complexity for businesses as they try to ensure they recover the right amount of input VAT.
We can carry out quarterly calculations for you, or carry out an annual review and prepare the annual adjustment.
We can also advise on special methods and negotiate these with HMRC.


Hilary Bevan FCCA CTA AIIT – Director

Hilary has twenty years’ experience working in accountancy and tax.

She joined a local accountancy firm straight after her A-Levels and qualified with them as a Chartered Certified Accountant before going on to qualify as a Chartered Tax Adviser and an Associate of the Institute of Indirect Taxation.

Having a background in accountancy before specialising in VAT means that Hilary has a unique perspective on how a particular VAT issue will affect your business.

Hilary has built up extensive technical knowledge over her years in practice and provides VAT advice on a range of topics from land & buildings to partial exemption.

Hilary is passionate about VAT and regularly speaks on the subject, both to accounting professionals and to school children who are interested in a career in tax.

As well as her full time job as a VAT specialist, Hilary also has some voluntary roles:

Treasurer of The VAT Practitioners Group

The VAT Practitioners Group is a not-for-profit organisation which consists of VAT advisers who meet regularly to share VAT knowledge and discuss recent legal cases.  Hilary was appointed Treasurer in 2013 and her role involves maintaining the accounting records, paying the bills, and presenting the accounts at the annual conference. 

Hilary also acts as Secretary of the North of England Chapter of the Group.


Core volunteer at Darlington South Park parkrun

Parkrun is a free, timed, 5k run held at 9am every Saturday morning at various locations around the UK.  Before parkrun, Hilary had never run before but a couple of years ago decided to give it a go and has never looked back, even going on to complete her first marathon in April 2018.  She is grateful to parkrun for the health benefits it has given her and so she volunteers almost every week, whether that be pre-event set up, acting as run director, co-ordinating the volunteers, or processing the results.  More information about Darlington parkrun is available here:


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