VAT for Farmers

What is VAT for farmers?

VAT for farmers refers to any VAT registered farming business it is important to be sure that the correct VAT treatment is applied to all of the activities undertaken. Not only does this mean that VAT can then be correctly declared on any standard rated or reduced rated sales but it will also mean that the farm’s VAT accounting can then maximise the recovery of the VAT it incurs on its purchases and expenses.

What is VAT for farmers?

How we can help farmers with their VAT

The farming industry is always evolving as farmers find ever more innovative ways to earn income.

Some farms rent out land or buildings and there are often VAT issues where land is sold to a developer but the farmer wants to recover VAT on the associated costs.

We can help to get the structure of these transactions right to make sure that the farmer can recover all of the VAT they are entitled to.

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