International VAT issues

What is international VAT?

International markets can offer big opportunities for business. Selling across borders can offer growth potential when local sales have plateaued, as well as a way to get an edge on competitors. It can also offer a way to diversify your business.

However, selling internationally can be more complicated than doing business domestically. One of the major considerations to keep in mind is how to deal with taxes — specifically VAT.

As technology improves, more and more businesses are trading with overseas companies. The VAT rules are different depending on whether you are buying or selling goods or services, whether your customer is a business or a consumer, and whether you are selling inside or outside the EU.

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How we can help you with international VAT.

We can help you with any issues with cross border VAT including establishing when and where it applies, and how you can make sure you get VAT right when you begin selling internationally. We can also provide advice on dealing with import VAT on goods bought from overseas post-Brexit. Let us take some of the complexity away and help you establish the correct VAT treatment.

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Depending on budget, the review can focus on one area, such as overseas sales, or posting of expenses, or can look at the business as a whole.

How we can help you with your VAT?